RELEVANS Law Firm provides legal advice in all areas of the company lifecycle, from choosing the suitable legal form, the scope of business and formation, to merger, division, transformation or dissolution. We provide legal services not only in the field of a respective form of company’s corporate relations and operation within the Slovak Republic, but also in the formation and operation of holding arrangements of different companies and groups. We assist our clients in the everyday management of their companies, risk management in the event of legislative changes and compliance with legal regulations, as well as in addressing complex shareholder relationships (call and put options, dividend policy, shootout, drag-along, tag-along).

Our legal services include, in particular:

  • Formation of companies and making changes in the registered data
  • Advice and preparation of constitutive documents, shareholder agreements, silent partnership agreements and other similar contracts
  • Arranging procedures and conducting general meetings and meetings of other company bodies
  • Legal advice and implementation of increases and decreases of a companies’ registered capital
  • Legal advice and implementation of mergers, amalgamations and divisions of companies, as well as changes in legal form
  • Legal advice in the area of ​​corporate governance (arranging the operation of a company inwards within the competence of its bodies and functionality of its structure)
  • Advice on the creation and operation of holding arrangements for different companies and groups