Public Procurement / Economic Competition

In the field of public procurement (tenders), we provide comprehensive legal support to both groups of clients, contracting authorities as well as tenderers, in particular:

  • Legal support in the preparation of tender and contractual documentation and during the entire process of public procurement (tender)
  • Legal support to applicants in the form of consultations, comprehensive processing of the statutory elements of bids and preparation of the contractual requisites of projects

Given the fact that our clients also include companies and financial groups that rank among the top players not only on the Slovak, but also on the Central European market, RELEVANS Law Firm addresses competition law in all its aspects. We address issues pertaining to this area not only in relation to planned or implemented transactions or when representing clients before the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic and in related court proceedings, but also when providing legal support to clients in relation to the correct arrangement of their internal relations and business activities.

Our legal services include, in particular:

  • Preparation of analyses and advice concerning the rules regulating unfair competition, concentration, dominant position and cartel practices
  • Reviewing business agreements from the point of view of competition law
  • Advice on issues regarding antitrust approval for transactions
  • Formulating notifications of concentration and representing clients before regulatory authorities
  • Representation in cases reviewing abuse of a dominant market position or anti-competitive agreements
  • Legal protection against unfair competition
  • Representation in related litigation