10 questions for Martin Krupcová 

What does our lawyer Martina Krupcová like the most about her job? Who influenced her professional life the most, and what would she tell young people considering the career as a lawyer? She answered these and other questions for the social section of the law newspaper epravo.sk.

Mgr. Martina Krupcová is a lawyer employed in the M&A division of the law firm RELEVANS s.r.o. where she leads one of the sectors and whose functioning she secures from the professional and personal angle. She specializes in transaction consulting, in frame of which she covers transaction regarding organizations from various segments, including real estate, IT and retail. She also focuses on the legality of bond papers and consulting in relation to the real estate projects. She studied law in Slovakia and in France, becoming a lawyer in 2015.

1. What do you like the most about your job?

I value the job of M&A lawyer because of how diverse it is and how it pushes a lawyer to develop in the areas other than the law. Namely, it is connected to the professionals from other fields (taxes, finances, accounting) and with the client through narrow collaboration, which allows the closer understanding of the area in which they are employed. These advantages are multiplied in the RELEVANTS law firm, regarding the method of communication developed in a way that allows us to be in intensive contact with the clients  and their teams, share knowledge of various, often non-legal, details of the project and are not  afraid to take initiative focused on advancing the project. This type of collaboration also allows us to sense other non-legal motives of business decisions of our clients, which I regard as one of the largest added values of an M&A lawyer.

2. Who or what was the most influential for your professional life?

Professionally I was formed by companies in which I  was employed and people with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate with. They pushed me not only professionally, but also on a personal level – they were my inspiration for their attitude to work. I believe that good providing of legal services shouldn’t only be based on expertise, but also on the method that the lawyer uses in their work, to the output and the client.

3. What would you tell young people considering a career as a lawyer?

Young people can view law as a boring, repetitive and uncreative career, which turns many off from even considering it. From my perspective being a lawyer isn’t like that as long as you view every assignment with enthusiasm and an honest effort to learn something new. The work can also be creative, when considering how often it focuses on unearthing methods, solutions and compromises. To those already studying law I recommend trying to gather as much practical experience while studying as possible and use the maximum amount of it. Therefore, they will not only gain an advantage against their competition, but above all would have an opportunity to find out what the job entails and what they would want to focus on after school. The practice can also works as a motivation in a situation, where the study isn’t enough, which was the case with me.

4. In what ways are students nowadays different from the previous generations?

Modern students realize the need for and demand free time for personal realization more strongly. I see this as a very positive change. Along with this demand they have, however, an expectation of faster growth in jobs (seniority), which might no longer be in line with their previous demand. I am also under the impression that they are trying to be independent as fast as possible and therefore prefer independent work over employment under formal leadership.

5. What would you be if not a lawyer?

I would work with real estate or finances.

6. Who motivates you the most in your personal and professional life?

In my personal life I am motivated by my family and our shared experiences. In my professional life I am motivated by people who are proud of their work and successfully complete tasks.

7. What type of relaxation do you prefer?

Wellness and any activity I do with my family.

8. Would you recommend us some interesting book?

From fiction for example ‘Fight club‘ by Chuck Palahniuk, ‘1984‘ by George Orwell and ‘The Road‘ by Cormac McCarthy resonated with me. Recently, I also relaxed well to the ‘Neapolitan novels‘ by Elena Ferrante.

9. What kind of people anger you the most?

Those, who lack humility and the ability to have objective conversation. And then also those, whom it takes too long to pick a movie on Netflix.

10. Decisiveness is surely a requirement in your career, however are there moments in life where you feel indecisive?

When picking a movie on Netflix.