Our initiative includes activities such as:

  • Trash separation
  • Usage of glass bottles and refill containers
  • Decrease in use of paper during printing
  • Choice of ecological gifts and marketing products
  • Reuse/recycle trend
  • offering of pro bono services*
  • financial donations to non-profit organizations
  • 2% to chosen organizations
  • collection of clothes and other material support

*Within pro bono services we are primarily focused on the privacy of children, protection of family, protection of the individual, family rights and the protection of rights against unauthorized steps from the side of the insurance companies. We offer these services in range of 900 to 1000 hours a year. Be responsible. Be RELEVAN(t)S

The main pillar of our company are the people, and therefore we relentlessly work on building and deepening their relationships.

  • shared breakfasts in the spaces of the office
  • teambuildings
  • shared sport and cultural activities
  • educational schooling and seminars
We offer high quality and modern work-space for our employees with regard to their health and mental wellbeing.
  • live plants in every office
  • regular clearing of the air conditioning
  • water quality control
  • access to sufficient daylight
  • immunity packages

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