Our client, EUROVEA 2, has obtained one of the largest real estate loans in Slovakia in recent years. The loan was provided by a syndicate of Tatra banka, Slovenská sporiteľňa and UniCredit Bank maintained by the first mentioned bank. The project will bring the expansion of the popular shopping centre on the banks of the river Danube by another 25,000 square meters of leasable retail space and new administrative premises.

We would like to express gratitude to our client, as we deeply appreciate that we could have been part of this project. We are more than pleased with the fact that, in addition to advising on financing, we also represent the client in the other parts and phases of this project, especially in the area of ​​permitting, construction, sale of residences and rental of office and retail space. Last but not least, many thanks to our colleagues who represent the client in the individual phases, namely Pavel Solár, Eduard Pajdlhauser, Martina Vida, Petra Vojtášová, Ivana Žovincová, Juraj Líner and Ivana Gážiová.

EUROVEA 2 is a unique project not only in terms of urban and commercial aspects. It is also a major legal challenge and we have proudly taken on it.