Martina Martáková will lead the M&A Division at RELEVANS

The M&A division, which provides legal services to RELEVANS clients in the areas of M&A transactions, corporate law, banking and finance, securities law and competition law, is undergoing organizational changes and consequently the gradual creation of separate organizational units – departments.

Martina Martáková was appointed as a head of the first newly created department. Martina will ensure the personnel, organizational and economic management of her department and report directly to Marián Masarik, the Partner of the office responsible for the management of the division.

The members of Martina’s department are Attorneys at law Katarína Goldbergerová and Michal Marhefka and Associate Zuzana Rosinová.

Marián Masarik, Partner: “This is the first step to create several effectively functioning divisions within the division, which we will work with other colleagues as soon as possible. Congratulations to Martin and I wish you lots of energy and success. We believe that this change will contribute to improving the organization of work and the functioning of the entire division, thereby better meeting the needs and requirements of our clients. ”