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Corporate law

RELEVANS provides legal advice in all areas of companies’ lifecycle starting with the choice of their suitable legal form, their objects and formation, and down to their merger, division, transformation, or dissolution.

The legal services cover not only the corporate relations of a given company form and its functioning in the Slovak Republic, but also the creation and functioning of holding settings of various companies and groups. RELEVANS assists clients to ensure the day-to-day management of companies, risk management associated with legislative changes and the implementation thereof, as well as the monitoring of regulatory compliance. The frequent cases of provided services include addressing comprehensive shareholder relations (call and put options, dividend policy, shootout, drag-along, tag-along, etc.).

The legal services provided include, in particular: 

  • establishment of companies and ensuring that changes to registered data are made
  • advice and drafting of founding documents, shareholder agreements, silent partnership agreements and other similar contracts
  • arrangement of general meetings and meetings of other corporate bodies to be held and conducted
  • legal advice on increases and decreases of companies’ share capital and implementation thereof
  • legal advice on mergers and divisions of companies and implementation thereof as well as changes of legal forms
  • legal advice in the area of ​​corporate governance (setting up the company’s functioning on the inside within the competencies of its bodies and its structure’s/structural functionality)
  • advice on the creation and functioning of the holding settings of various companies and groups

Selected references 

  • legal advice on set-up of a joint venture for purpose of participation and subsequent purchase of companies which own 3 business centres in Spain
  • legal advice on statutory prohibition of returning contributions in the Slovak regulatory environment
  • legal advice on the merger of companies Akzent BigBoard and Media Representative
  • legal advice to a company in connection with its merger with a company operating a passenger port in Bratislava and a passenger ship transport on the Danube
  • legal advice regarding contribution of a part of a business of the parent company AVE SK odpadové hospodárstvo into the share capital of its subsidiary and the subsequent transfer of the parent company’s shareholding in the subsidiary to a third party
  • legal advice to a seller on purchase of a shareholding in a company with an option to acquire shares of a bank
  • legal advice to a transferor on transfer of a business share in a target company to an acquirer – a foreign investor engaged in the printing industry
  • legal advice to the company R Collectors on obtaining a license from the National Bank of Slovakia to provide consumer credits without any restrictions as to the scope of providing consumer credits under the Consumer Credit Act
  • legal advice to SLOVENSKÉ ENERGETICKÉ STROJÁRNE on decrease and increase of the company’s share capital
  • legal advice to buyers on acquisition of a share in a company which operates as a management company managing alternative investment funds under a license of the NBS