RELEVANS achievements in the “10 Largest Law Firms in Slovakia” ranking


For the third year in a row, our law firm has defended a great 2nd place in the ranking of the largest law firms evaluating domestic and international law firms operating in Slovakia.

The ranking is organized by the English journal The Slovak Spectator in cooperation with the daily paper SME and is compiled on the basis of objective and measurable criteria.

In addition to the standard evaluation of the largest law firms, separate rankings of the largest law firms have been also evaluated this year according to the number and volume of transactions in individual areas of law.

The following areas were assessed: litigation, real estate and development, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), banking and finance, labour law.

RELEVANS has won in two legal areas, namely litigation and real estate and development. In the area of ​​M&A, it placed 2nd, in the area of ​​banking and finance, it took 6th place.

We are proud to have defended our positions and added to them the already significant achievements of the individual divisions.

This confirms the position of RELEVANS as an extremely experienced partner for existing and future clients in all our key areas.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their trust and enabling us to move forward.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone in our company for their efforts and persistent endeavour to improve results.