Slavomír Máčaj has become a new partner of RELEVANS since April 2021.

Slavomír Máčaj is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.

He represents clients in complex and demanding disputes. He also specializes in disputes in the areas of commercial law, competition law, constitutional law, administrative law, banking law, protection of personality and the reputation of a legal person. Slavomír is a recognized expert as he excels in above-standard analytical and logical thinking.

Alexander Kadela, managing partner of RELEVANS: “I perceive the fact that Slavomír Máčaj, with whom RELEVANS has been cooperating since its establishment, become a partner very positively. It is a natural result of his abilities, long-term efforts and the results of his work on joint projects. Slavo will continue to pursue the litigation agenda. In addition to the cases, he is already engaged, he will participate in the in-house training of junior lawyers and in the developing activities of our litigation division. His work should lead, among other things, to the further conceptual development of an already very strong litigation team.”

In RELEVANS, we are very pleased with this news and wish Slavomír every success in his future endeavours!