RELEVANS wins the Law Firm of the Year competition in 3 categories: Litigation, Development Projects and Real Estate, and Best Client Services

At yesterday’s prestigious Law Firm of the Year 2024 awards ceremony, we had the honour, on behalf of our entire team, to receive three winning awards.

RELEVANS retained its victory in the professional category of Litigation (for the 7th time) and Development Projects and Real Estate (for the 8th time).

In addition to these awards, we were named the winner in the Best Client Services category.

We highly value the Best Client Services award and see it as a confirmation of successful fulfilment of our philosophy: to provide legal services that we ourselves would wish for if we were in the position of the client.

First and foremost, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our clients who entrust us with their mandates, provide us with positive references, and show us their favour. We will continue to strive to be able to assist them with any problem they may encounter and to provide them with the best legal services possible.

These awards belong to all members of our team – partners, attorneys, trainees, lawyers, assistants, students. They all contribute thereto on a daily basis not only with their expertise and diligence, but also with their enthusiastic personal commitment and approach.

Thanks to them our law firm is what it is.

In addition to the aforementioned awards, RELEVANS has also achieved an outstanding rating in other professional categories of its expertise and ranks among the best law firms in Slovakia.

Thank you!