JUDr. Alexander Kadela Managing partner

Alexander Kadela is the founding partner of RELEVANS and its major shareholder.

In addition to acting as an attorney at law, he as the managing partner heads the management of the firm, is responsible for setting up its structure, strategy development and contact with clients.

Prior to the establishment of RELEVANS, he worked in the banking sector and later for 8 years headed the legal affairs of the J&T Financial Group in the Slovak Republic.


Alexander Kadela is a highly respected and sought-after lawyer with more than 20 years of experience.

He is personally involved in representing clients from both the private and public sector in many cases, which are among the most significant and high-profile ones in the Slovak Republic. In RELEVANS, he strategically leads teams of specialized procedural lawyers who work together on the most complex litigation cases where the firm has been mandated.

Alexander Kadela is engaged in commercial litigation, claims for damages, disputes regarding protection of personality and reputation of legal persons, disputes related to competition law infringements, banking, financial and constitutional law.

Clients especially appreciate his extraordinary strategic thinking, high professionalism, attention for detail and the ability to be a step ahead.

Under his leadership, RELEVANS has scored as winner in the prestigious the Law Firm of the Year competition’s professional category Litigation as the one and only law firm to date to have won 6 times.